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Track the history of all your purchases
Participate in the rank system and get a discount of up to 5%

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The larger the set, the more points you get!

100 elixirs
100 elixirs
from 1.20 USD 1.30 USD
7% benefit
500 elixirs
500 elixirs
from 5.59 USD 6.49 USD
13% benefit
1000 elixirs + 10 free
1000 elixirs + 10 free
from 11.08 USD 12.99 USD
14% benefit
5000 elixirs + 100 free
5000 elixirs + 100 free
from 54.99 USD 64.94 USD
15% benefit
10000 elixirs + 300 free
10000 elixirs + 300 free
from 109.87 USD 129.87 USD
15% benefit
25000 elixirs + 1000 free
25000 elixirs + 1000 free
from 274.53 USD 324.68 USD
15% benefit
50000 elixirs + 2000 free
50000 elixirs + 2000 free
from 548.95 USD 649.35 USD
15% benefit
100000 elixirs + 5000 free
100000 elixirs + 5000 free
from 1,097.80 USD 1,289.70 USD
14% benefit
250000 elixirs + 12500 free
250000 elixirs + 12500 free
from 2,744.34 USD 3,246.75 USD
15% benefit


Answers to frequently asked questions
We offer the best conditions for purchasing elixirs on Trovo, with which you can save:
  • On our website, prices for elixirs are lower than on the official Trovo website.
  • Registered users can participate in the ranking system and receive additional discounts of up to 5%.
How to buy elixirs?
To successfully purchase Elixirs, select one of the proposed sets and pay for the order.
  • When placing an order, you must indicate your "User Name", you can find it in the Trovo Profile settings section by going to via link.
  • Crediting elixirs can take from 5 minutes to 6 hours. However, we are actively working to speed up this process and make enrollment instant in the near future.
  • Authorized buyers can track their purchases in their personal account in the "My purchases" section. If you have any questions or require assistance, you can always contact our support team via online chat or using the contact details provided on our website. We are ready to help you at any time.
info If you enter a Display Name, our system will not be able to identify you and credit you with the appropriate amount of elixirs.
What is the ranking system and how does it work?
The Rank system provides authorized users with the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 5% on the purchase of elixirs. There are 5 levels of ranks, each of which requires a certain amount of purchases to achieve.
The higher your rank, the greater the discount:
Rank: Bronze
Discount: 1%
Purchase elixirs in the amount of: from $100 to $499 per month.
Rank: Silver
Discount: 2%
Purchase elixirs in the amount of: from $500 to $999 per month.
Rank: Gold
Discount: 3%
Purchase elixirs in the amount of: from $1000 to $1499 per month.
Rank: Platinum
Discount: 4%
Purchase elixirs in the amount of: from $1500 to $1999 per month.
Rank: Diamond
Discount: 5%
Purchase elixirs in the amount of: from $2000 and above per month.
info You can track your purchases and current rank level in your personal account in the "My purchases" section. It is important to remember that ranks reset monthly at the beginning of each month (00:00 UTC +3), even if you made a purchase at the end of the month. Take this into account when planning your purchases.
How to participate in the referral program?
We have developed a convenient and understandable referral program for our streamers.

In order to become a referrer and earn 2% in bonuses from each purchase of elixirs by your referral, you must be a streamer of the Trovo platform and register on our website, then write chat for further instructions.

By creating referral links you can attract new streamers, and in your personal account you will receive detailed statistics for each referral code, including purchases of the users you attracted and the number of bonuses earned.

info You can withdraw your accumulated bonuses at any convenient time at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 USD.