How to use Titan.Live

How to use Titan.Live
What can streamers expect on the Titan Agency website? What sections are available? What information needs to be filled out?

Titans, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the website/web application for streamers of Titan agencies (Titan Agency, Titan Junior, TitanAR) — 

Thank you for your patience. It took us a lot of time to create this product, from concept to implementation. But we want to let you know that development is still ongoing.

Minor bugs are possible, and we would appreciate it if you could report any bugs (whether visual or functional) to our manager on Telegram.

Article Contents:

Registration and channel verification.
Mandatory information to fill out.
Sections and their features.
What to do if I'm not a Titan but want to try the website.

Registration and verification of a Trovo channel

To log in to the website, use your Trovo account or Gmail. It is preferable to log in through Trovo as it will automatically fetch your API key.
How to use Titan.Live
How to use Titan.Live
After logging in through Trovo, please wait a moment while we verify your account in the admin panel.
How to use Titan.Live
We manually approve the accounts, and once your account is confirmed, you will have full access to the functionality of the Titan Live web application.

You will receive an email notification confirming that your account has been approved. Then you will be able to access your Personal Cabinet.

Important: The email may be sent to your spam folder since the domain is new. Please check your spam folder if you don't see the email in your inbox.

Afterward, your Personal Cabinet will be updated, and you will be able to see all the main sections that we have developed up to this point.
How to use Titan.Live

What information is mandatory to fill out?

While you wait for your account confirmation, please fill out the "My Profile" section in your Personal Cabinet. All fields marked with (*) are mandatory to fill out.

Titan Live has automation features that take into account your data (average online time, streaming schedule, etc.). We recommend filling out all the fields right away, and if there are any changes, you can always edit the information.

During events where specific profile data is required, we will notify you.

For example:
We announce a month of raids.
You update your average online time, game categories, and streaming schedule.
You submit your application with just one click.
We instantly see all the data and automatically assign you to the most advantageous group.

How to use Titan.Live
How to use Titan.Live
How to use Titan.Live

Sections of Titan Live and their features

In the News section, it is convenient to track updates. This is a public section with news about Trovo and Titan Agency. Here you will be able to stay informed about important news for your streaming development.
How to use Titan.Live
How to use Titan.Live

What is available to Titans in the Personal Cabinet?

Support Chat: Here you can ask any streaming-related questions and receive quick answers from the team of experts.
My Growth: Exclusive educational guides and articles with testing and rewards.
Bonuses: Here you can learn about the reward withdrawal system for prizes obtained during Titan Agency events.
Knowledge Base: An informational library for Trovo streamers, where you can find a wealth of useful information about Trovo's functionality and nuances of streaming.
Notifications: Important personal and general notifications about current events, as well as recommendations/warnings regarding potential channel risks.
There are also two major sections that we are actively working on. The release is scheduled within the next few months. They will feature automation, stylish design, and user-friendly navigation.

Tournaments: Announcements and information about upcoming tournaments organized by Titan Agency.
Events: Details about raid months, collaborations, squads, contests, and giveaways.

How to use Titan.Live

The "My Growth" section: what is it and why?

The "My Growth" section contains useful educational articles and guides, with a mini-exam at the end.

Important: Completing certain exams will entitle you to bonuses as rewards. We will regularly update this section.

Additionally, this section will provide you with personalized channel recommendations as they are created and developed.
How to use Titan.Live
How to use Titan.Live

Bonuses from Titan Agency

Our agency regularly organizes events, giveaways, and tournaments, many of which offer cash rewards.

Through the Titan Live website, we will be able to credit your rewards and prize winnings. You will also be able to request withdrawals to a convenient payment system of your choice.

Bonus withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.
Withdrawals are processed within 3 to 10 business days.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 bonuses.
1 bonus = 1 USD.

In the "BONUSES" section, you can track the accumulated amount, view the transaction history, and create withdrawal requests.

How to use Titan.Live
How to use Titan.Live

Functions of the Notifications section

This section is designed to notify you about important events, announcements, and system messages.

For example, it provides warnings in case of community guidelines violations on Trovo, requests to participate in surveys, or to update information for an event.

How to use Titan.Live

What to do if I'm not a Titan member but want to try the website?

The Titan Live website was created exclusively for and by the streamers of Titan Agency, Titan Junior, TitanAR, sponsors, and advertisers who are interested in advertising and placements from our Titans.

Most sections and features of the website are accessible only to members of the agencies. However, your sponsors (donors) can also gain access to the Personal Account section. This will allow them to receive timely assistance in the chat regarding any Trovo-related questions and also have an influence on the agency tournaments (under development).

Junior Titans have full access to the website and company products on an equal footing with members of other Titan agencies!

You can find more detailed information about the requirements for joining Titan Agency and Titan Junior here.

Would you like access to exclusive content?

Join Titan Agency!

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