Terms of use of the service

Welcome to the Titan Agency


Please read the Terms of Service carefully before accepting them. By joining Titan Agency, you accept these Terms and other terms and policies incorporated by reference into the Terms.

These Terms are posted electronically in the Personal Account Titan Agency. Last updated date of the Terms: 01/06/2023

If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, you may not join Titan Agency

The Creator (or “you”) is the customer of the services specified in these Terms. Taking Terms, you (a) represent that you are at least 14 years of age at the time of accepting these Terms, otherwise - confirm that you have legal permission from a parent/guardian to accept the Terms; (b) if you joining Titan Agency on behalf of the company, you acknowledge that you have the rights and authority to do so, and such the company has agreed to these Terms.

Titan Agency (“Company”) provides the Services to you subject to these Terms.

The Creator and the Company are collectively referred to as the “Parties” in the text of the Terms.


1.1. In accordance with these Terms, the Company provides the Creator with content management and promotion services, namely:

  • 1.1.1. Social media services (including social media consulting, content publishing and channel strategy).
  • 1.1.2. Digital marketing (including online marketing services, creator collaborations and channel audience development).
  • 1.1.3. Online advertising.
  • 1.1.4. Digital media content management (including rights management and monetization).

1.2. Specific types of services in accordance with these Terms are determined in the Personal Account.

1.3. Services are provided in relation to Content on your Trovo channels connected to Titan Agency

1.4. Content refers to objects of copyright and related rights, including audiovisual, written, graphic works, images, album covers and other works, phonograms, videograms, compositions and sound recordings of music, related metadata and materials.

1.5. As a result of the provision of services, the Content is monetized on Trovo and received by the Creator corresponding income.

1.6. Income means Creator's income received from monetization of Content on Trovo and income from advertising.


2.1. Each Party warrants that it will not take any action that would harm the business reputation the other Party.

2.2. You warrant that you are the proper owner of the rights to the Content and that you have the right to accept real Terms.

2.3. You warrant that the Content in whole, in part or in its use does not infringe the rights of third parties, harm honor, dignity and business reputation of third parties, do not violate the national or international legislation.

2.4. You warrant that when you create the Content, you have obtained all rights to use the content included in him works, phonograms, images of persons and other objects.

2.5. By using your Personal Account, you agree and warrant to (a) provide accurate, current and complete information which can be requested in the Personal Account; (b) maintain the confidentiality and security of your password (c) keep your registration data and other information current, accurate, complete, which you provide in your Personal Account, and in case of data changes, promptly update them in your Personal account and (d) accept all risks of unauthorized access to registration data and any other information that you provide in your Personal Account and (e) be responsible for all activities in your personal office.

2.6. You warrant that you are familiar withYou and agree to be bound by the rules Trovo https://trovo.live/s/trovoru/549794027257

2.7. The Company guarantees the transfer of income received during the billing period to the accounts specified by the Creator payment details and the chosen payment system.

2.8. The Company is not liable in case of actions and/or inactions of Trovo, due to which performance by the Company of its obligations has become impossible or has resulted in unsatisfactory performance for you results.

2.9. At the request of the Company, you agree to provide documents confirming that you have the rights to Content, including in the event of a claim against the Company or dispute by third parties of rights.

2.10. At the request of the Company, you undertake to provide documents proving your identity (registration documents of a legal entity) and other information to verify your data.

2.11. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable to you for any claims in in relation to (a) compensation for indirect (indirect) damages, (b) compensation for lost profits, not received income, goodwill or (c) recovery of penalties incurred.

2.12. The liability of the Company should not exceed the amount in the amount of payment for the cost of the Company's services for 3 (three) last months.


3.1. The Creator pays the Company for the services provided in the amount established by the Parties in the Personal office.

3.2. The Creator pays for the services of the Company by deducting a part of the income from the Company as payment for the cost services or in any other way agreed by the Parties.

3.3. The billing period is one calendar month. If the term for the provision of services for management Content less than the billing period, the income and cost of the Company's services are calculated according to the term the actual provision of services.

3.4. You choose the method of paying income in your Personal Account.

3.5. Within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the month following the billing period, the Company provides information about the income accrued to you in your Personal Account.

3.6. The transfer of income to you occurs according to the payment details provided by you in your Personal Account.

3.7. At your request, the Company may decide and pay you income in advance before the actual income generation on the terms specified in the Personal Account.

3.8. Each Party independently pays taxes, the obligation to pay which arises for it in connection with income generation.

3.9. You independently and at your own expense pays the commission deductions of the bank or the bank chosen by you in the Personal payment system office.

3.10. The obligation of the Company to pay is considered fulfilled from the moment of sending (debiting from the account of the Company) funds to the payment details provided by you in your Personal Account.

3.11. Payment of income to the Creator can be carried out by the Company


4.1. The Terms come into force from the moment you accept them in your Personal Account and are valid for 12 (twelve) months.

4.2. If 30 (thirty) calendar days before the expiration of the Terms, none of the Parties notify another Party in the Personal Account and / or by e-mail specified in the Personal Account, to terminate cooperation based on these Terms, the term of the Terms shall be deemed extended each time for the next 12 (twelve) months in the previous version.

4.3. The parties may refuse to fulfill the Terms (terminate the contract) at any time by mutual consent.

4.4. You have the right to prematurely terminate the Terms unilaterally only in case non-fulfillment by the Company of obligations to transfer the part of income due to you in accordance with these Terms and failure to eliminate this violation within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt relevant notice from you in your Personal Account and/or to the Company's e-mail specified in Personal office.

4.5. The Company has the right to unilaterally refuse to fulfill the Terms (terminate the contract), notifying about you in your Personal Account and/or at the email address specified in your Personal Account.

4.6. The Company has the right to unilaterally amend these Terms. Specified changes are published by the Company in the Personal Account and the Company notifies you of this in the Personal Account and/or at e-mail specified in the Personal Account.

4.7. If you do not agree with the changes made to the Terms, you must notify the Company in your Personal office within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt from the Company of notice of the change in the Terms, and in such a case Conditions continue to be valid for you in the previous version, unless the changes made due to Trovo changes. If you do not notify the Company of your disagreement with the Terms and Conditions changes, you are deemed to agree to the changes.


5.1. The parties are released from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill obligations under hereby Conditions, if proper performance was impossible due to force majeure, including number of natural disasters, pandemics, hostilities, the imposition of a state of emergency, changes in law (making it impossible to fulfill the Terms), the complete or partial inoperability of the services Trovo, Google and other extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the given circumstances force arising after the acceptance of these Terms and confirmed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation (documentary evidence is not required if these circumstances are in fact well known and recognized by both Parties).

5.2. The parties undertake to maintain confidentiality regarding commercial terms and progress of the Terms to the extent not contrary to law, during the term of the Terms and within 3 (three) years after its completion.

5.3. The Company has the right to provide third parties with information about these Terms in order to provide services Creator and confirmation of cooperation between the Parties.

5.4. The Company has the right to use the name and image of the Creator, as well as his images, names, logos, trade marks, commercial names, domain names, channel designs and Content, to exercise the rights and obligations under Agreement, including the provision of services to promote the Creator's Content, and to promote the Company and brand Titan Agency, partner listings, presentations, marketing materials, financial reports.

5.5. The company has the right to unilaterally transfer to a third party all or part of the rights and obligations under the Terms, including by replacing the Service Provider.

5.6. The Parties undertake to settle all disputes arising between them through negotiations. Disputes that remain unresolved through negotiations are subject to judicial review.